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       Tansman Festival 2016, 12'07'', prod. TVP



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TANSMAN FESTIVAL, organized as a biennial series, have been inspiring dialogue and research at the meeting point of tradition and "new" art. The two decades of the TANSMAN FESTIVAL have been comprised of innovative ideas; performance and recording premières realized during each edition; over 450 hours of music; 51 concerts of symphonic music; 10 shows of opera, ballet and multimedia; 183 concerts of chamber music; 270 performances of works by Aleksander Tansman, including world and Polish premières; over 6000 artists taking part in the Festival; over 1100 applications for the Competition; over 70 countries from all of the world’s continents; an audience of several million people; 4 books; 16 CDs; Polish and international broadcasts and rebroadcasts on radio (including 18 via the EBU - European Broadcasting Union) and television; Polish Television films about the Festival; conference sessions for academic and popular audiences; exhibitions in Paris, Łódź, Kraków, Warsaw, Nałęczów; many pieces inspired and written specially for the Festival by such composers as Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Michael Nyman, Krystof Maratka.


The year 2016 marks the 20th birthday of the TANSMAN FESTIVAL, the first edition of which was realized in 1996 under the patronage of UNESCO, as well as the 30th anniversary of the death of the Festival’s patron, Aleksander Tansman. The leitmotif of TANSMAN FESTIVAL 20th Anniversary Edition is Polish Music - Discoveries and Novelties: unique and spectacular reconstructions of Polish masterpieces of 20th-century music, along with première performances and recordings thereof. The aim of the Anniversary Edition is to enrich the cultural heritage and reveal unknown pages of its 20th-century history: to propagate and present unknown, forgotten works, their importance in the context of Polish and world culture, in an international dialogue of the most outstanding artists, also featuring historians and musicologists involved in the discovery and reconstruction of Polish masterpieces of 20th-century music. The Anniversary Edition will showcase the creative and original contribution to the world cultural heritage of representatives of Polish music.


16 October 2016

PROLOGUE: Tansman - Górecki. World premières

Venue: Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio in Warsaw


7 p.m.



  • The world première performance of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s Two Tristan Postludes and Chorale for symphonic orchestra, is awaited by the entire world; only after TANSMAN FESTIVAL will the work appear on the music stands of the world’s music centers. The unprecedented event, in which Anna Górecka and Mikołaj Górecki will take part - the world première of Mikołaj Górecki's Orfeo ed Euridice, will be featured in one concert during which works by his father will also be heard. Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s direct connections with TANSMAN FESTIVAL go back to 2002; Festival director Andrzej Wendland’s contacts with the composer extend back much further. In 2002, Górecki accepted and received the Tansman Prize for Outstanding Musical Personality and Uncompromising Artistry. It is on Wendland’s inspiration that Górecki’s Symphony no. 4 ‘Tansman Episodes’ op. 85 was written (its Polish première was realized during TANSMAN FESTIVAL 2015). In 2004, the performers maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk and Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra were awarded the Tansman Prize for Outstanding Musical Personality and Uncompromising Artistry.


        - Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra

        - Jerzy Maksymiuk, conductor

        - Anna Górecka, piano


        - Aleksander Tansman, Stèle in memoriam Igor Stravinsky, for symphonic orchestra

        - Mikołaj Górecki, Orfeo ed Euridice, for symphonic orchestra

          world première

        - Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Two Tristan Postludes and Chorale op. 82, for symphonic orchestra

          (orchestrated by Mikołaj Górecki) world première

        - Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Kleines Requiem für eine Polka op. 66, for piano and 13 instruments


15 November 2016

FESTIVAL STAR: Kronos Quartet (USA)

Venue: Grand Theater in Łódź


7 p.m.



  • Kronos Quartet is a legendary ensemble, one of the most outstanding worldwide, headquartered in San Francisco. Every Kronos concert is an extraordinary and unique event, a show accompanied by a projected setting (light and sound installations) realized by selected world-famous specialists. The Kronos Quartet enjoys extraordinary popularity not only among classical music audiences, but also among popular music enthusiasts (Kronos has performed live with the likes of Paul McCartney, Allen Ginsberg, David Bowie, Tom Waits, and has appeared on recordings by Nine Inch Nails). The concert program will therefore feature music not only by Terry Riley and Henryk Mikołaj Górecki: the ensemble’s exceptionally spectacular collaboration with Górecki has lasted for many years and invariably enjoyed recognition all over the world.


        - Kronos Quartet:

          David Harrington, violin

          John Sherba, violin

          Hank Dutt, viola

          Sunny Yang, cello

        - Steve O'Shea, lighting design

        - Scott Fraser, sound design


        - Garth Knox, Satellites

        - N. Rajam (arr. Reena Esmail), Dadra in Raga Bhairavi

        - Franghiz Ali-Zadeh, Reqs

        - Sigur Rós (arr. Stephen Prutsman), Flugufrelsarinn

        - Traditional/Kim Sinh (arr. Jacob Garchik), Lu'u thuy truong

        - Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, "Already It Is Dusk", music for string quartet op. 62 (String Quartet No. 1)

        - Mark Applebaum, Darmstadt Kindergarten

        - Willie Dixon (arr. Steven Mackey), Spoonful

        - Harry Partch (arr. Ben Johnston), Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales

        - Trey Spruance, Seraphita

        - Terry Riley, Salome Dances for Peace

  • General Sponsor of the Concert: ATLAS


17 November 2016

GÓRECKI: Tansman Episodes

Venue: The Film Museum in Łódź


7 p.m.



  • The event dedicated to the memory of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, the first laureate of the Tansman Prize for Outstanding Musical Personality and Uncompromising Artistry. A meeting with Andrzej Wendland, author of the latest book about Górecki's œuvre and Violetta Rotter-Kozera, director of the film about the composer. The authors followed quite a similar idea, to "touch universal phenomenon of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki - puts the director - not to explain it, because it's a secret". "But do we always have to scrupulously seek, identify and call? - asks the author - Górecki operates in the element of music. The phenomenon does not yield to attempts of study and classification. We will try to grapple with this issue". During the meeting, you will be able to purchase a book and a CD.


        - Meeting with Andrzej Wendland, author of the book, and with Violetta Rotter-Kozera, director of the film

        - Première of a book: Andrzej Wendland, Górecki. Symphony no. 4 'Tansman Episodes'. The Phenomenon, The

          Elements, The Mystery, A. Tansman Association for the Promotion of Culture, Institute of Polish Music, Łodź 2016, pp. 338

        - Showing of a film: Please find - Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, written and directed by Violetta Rotter-Kozera, narrated by Janusz

          Gajos, cinematography by Dariusz Radecki, music by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, producted by Silesia-Film, Adam Mickiewicz

          Institute, Polish Television, 2012, 91 min.

        - Première of a CD release: Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Symphony no. 4 'Tansman Episodes' op. 85, The Silesian

          Philharmonic Orchestra and Mirosław J. Błaszczyk, Polish première realized during TANSMAN FESTIVAL 2015 and

          registered by Polish Radio


22 November 2016

CHAMBER CONCERT: Weinberg Piano Trio

Venue: Museum of the City of Łódź


7 p.m.



  • TANSMAN FESTIVAL 2016 will feature the inauguration of a new ensemble presenting young Polish artists who are already recognized for their achievements: Szymon Krzeszowiec, violinist, performed with the majority of Polish philharmonic orchestras, first violin in Silesian Quartet; Arkadiusz Dobrowolski, cellist, made his debut at Carnegie Hall, winner of national and international competitions; Piotr Sałajczyk, pianist, developed a fine concert career, performed many premières, the official pianist of the Sommerakademie Salzburg. They will perform the works by three prominent 20th-century composers: Andrzej Czajkowski, Mieczysław Weinberg and Aleksander Tansman.


        - Weinberg Piano Trio:

          Szymon Krzeszowiec, violin

          Arkadiusz Dobrowolski, cello

          Piotr Sałajczyk, piano


        - Andrzej Czajkowski, Trio notturno

        - Mieczysław Weinberg, Piano Trio op. 24

        - Aleksander Tansman, Trio no. 2


29 November 2016

EPITAPH: for Tansman and Klecki

Venue: Łódź Philharmonic Concert Hall


7 p.m.



  • This is the world première of an original project of unprecedented scale, dedicated to the memory of friends born in Łódź: Aleksander Tansman and Paweł Klecki (also known as Paul Kletzky). Having been friends in their youth, as adults they set out to conquer the world. Each of them achieved extraordinary success in his field: Tansman, as a composer; and Klecki, mainly as a conductor, one of the most distinguished masters of the baton in the second half of the 20th century. The world première of the Concertino for flute and orchestra and the Polish première of the Sinfonietta by Paweł Klecki, who until the outbreak of World War II belonged to the elite of the European compositional avant-garde, became possible thanks to the rediscovery of manuscripts to pieces purposely destroyed by the Nazi regime in the 1930s. Reconstructions of the scores and orchestra parts were realized on the basis of manuscripts by TANSMAN FESTIVAL in collaboration with musicologists from Europe and the United States. The performers at the concert will be laureates of the Tansman Prize for Outstanding Musical Personality and Uncompromising Artistry: maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk, who is observing his 80th birthday, and the Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra. Soloist Łukasz Długosz is this year’s winner of the Classical Music Awards.


        - Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra

        - Jerzy Maksymiuk, conductor

        - Łukasz Długosz, flute


        - Aleksander Tansman, Symphony No. 5 à Paul Klecki, for symphonic orchestra

        - Paweł Klecki, Concertino op. 34, for flute and symphonic orchestra

          world première

        - Paweł Klecki, Sinfonietta op. 7, for large string orchestra

          Polish première

  • The concert will be repeated on 2 December at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw


2 December 2016

OPERA: The Golden Fleece

Venue: Grand Theater in Łódź


7 p.m.



  • Tansman’s The Golden Fleece (La Toison d'Or) had been considered lost. Rediscovered, the work was reconstructed by TANSMAN FESTIVAL and will be given a world première in Łódź, realized in cooperation with the Grand Theater. It is an uncommonly effective opera buffa in three acts, the plot of which alludes to the ancient myth concerning the Greeks’ expedition in search of a miraculous sheepskin. The tale, full of extraordinary and surprising twists, was written thanks to a collaboration between Tansman and his friend Salvador de Madariaga, a Spanish dissident, learned man from Oxford and one of the earliest architects of the European Union. The stage director is the last pupil of the legendary Ada Sari: Maria Sartova. Aleksander Tansman dedicated his Huit Stèles de Victor Segalen for voice and orchestra to Maria Sartova. For years, she has been associated with stages in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Israel and the United States. Łukasz Borowicz is the 2014 laureate of the Tansman Prize for Outstanding Musical Personality and Uncompromising Artistry. As part of TANSMAN FESTIVAL, he conducted the Polish premières of Aleksander Tansman’s works.


        - Orchestra, choir, ballet company and soloists of the Grand Theater in Łódź

        - Łukasz Borowicz, music director

        - Maria Sartova, stage director, costume designs

        - Dawid Jarząb, choirmaster

        - Ives Collet, set and lighting design

        - Jarosław Staniek, choreography

        - Matthieu Mullot, video and projection


        - Aleksander Tansman, The Golden Fleece, opera in three acts; libretto: Salvador de Madariaga

          world première



20th Anniversary of the TANSMAN FESTIVAL: 1996-2016

under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland