Festival 2014


14 Nov 2014
Festival Inauguration: Jordi Savall – War and Peace
Venue: Grand Theatre in Lodz, 7 p.m.



Polish premiere (broadcast: Polish Radio)

War and Peace - historical and musical concept of the project: Jordi Savall - one of the major figures of the contemporary musical scene, living legend of early music, European Union Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue and the UNESCO Artist for Peace.

Dramaturgy and historical sources: Sergi Grau and Manuel Forcano.

In cooperation with: Edmond de Rotschild Foundation; Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia; Ramon Llull Institute; Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland; Grand Theatre in Lodz Cultural Institution of the Regional Government of the Lodz Province; the City of Lodz Office.

War and Peace evokes through music one of the greatest tragedies of European civilisation: the constant use of a “Culture of War” as the chief means to resolve cultural, religious and territorial disputes. The long, sad succession of confrontations, wars, invasions, attacks, massacres, acts of aggression, destruction and fighting between different or sibling peoples and ethnic groups proves that we need to learn new mechanisms to resolve the differences dividing the world that abounds in different ways of acting, speaking, thinking and feeling. This concert shows how in the course of the present century, which has alternately known periods of ostentatious wealth and others of bloody conflict, music has been ever-present, constantly matching and reflecting the protagonists’ states of mind. War and Peace is an imposing musical fresco blending musical and literary allusions to the history of Europe and the East-West relations. Music is a means of raising awareness of the suffering of war and the hope of peace. This concert is conceived as a general, universal call for peace by showing that the absurdity of confrontation and war will cease only when we begin to practise a culture of peace.

In the programme: works of anonymous musicians and poets from Eastern Europe, Ottoman Empire and Armenia, as well as works of S. Scheidt,  L. de Vega, J.-B. Lully, J. Jenkins, J. Rosenmuller, J. Blow, J. Cabanilles, G. F. Haendel.


JORDI SAVALL, Viole de gambe & Direction

Soloists of LA CAPELLA REIAL DE CATALUNYA: María Cristina Kiehr - soprano, Hanna Bayodi-Hirt - soprano, Ingeborg Dalheim - soprano, Marianne Beate Kielland - mezzo-soprano, Pascal Bertin - contreténor, David Sagastume - contreténor, David Munderloh - ténor, Lluís Vilamajó - ténor, Furio Zanasi - baryton, Daniele Carnovich - basse

HESPÈRION XXI: Jordi Savall - dessus de viole, Lorenz Duftschmid - altus et basse de viole, Imke David - basse de viole, Enrique Solinís - guitare & théorbe, Bruce Dickey - cornetto, Béatrice Delpierre - chalemie, Elies Hernandis - sacqueboute, Frédéric Lucchi - sacqueboute

LE CONCERT DES NATIONS: Stephen Keavy - trompette, René Maze - trompette, Alessandro Pique - hautbois, Vincent Robin - hautbois, Claude Wassmer - basson, Pedro Estevan - timbales, Manfredo Kraemer - violon, Guadalupe del Moral - violons, Laura Johnson - violon & alto, Angelo Bartoletti - alto, Balázs Máté - violoncelles, Xavier Puertas - violone, Luca Guglielmi - clavecin et orgue

INVITED MUSICIANS: Nedyalko Nedyalkov - kaval, Yurdal Tokcan - oud, Hakan Güngör - kanun, Erez Shmuel Mouk - tabla, darbuka, daf, Pierre Hamon - flute, Gaguik Mouradian - komancha


15 Nov 2014
Jozsef Balog – the Poet of the Piano
Venue: Museum of the City of Lodz, 7 p.m.

free entrance


The protagonist of the evening is the outstanding Hungarian pianist, Jozsef Balog, one of the most talented pianists of his generation.

He is a laureate of several competitions, including Bartók-Liszt International Piano Competition in Budapest (1st prize, 2001), Tansman International Competition of Musical Personalities in Lodz (Grand Prix, 2002), Brahms International Competition in Pörtschach (2nd prize, 2004), Liszt International Piano Competition in Pécs (1st prize, 2007).

He recorded 8 CDs, continues to perform all over the world, solo and accompanied by the best symphonic orchestras.

One of the critics wrote recently that Jozsef Balog, just as Vladimir Horowitz, can make his listeners ascend to heaven. For this reason he has been called 'the poet of the piano'.


B. Bartók - Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant songs, op. 20
B. Bartók - Book for Children (IV)
A. Tansman - V Sonata (à la mémoire Béla Bartók)
F. Liszt - Etudes d’exécution transcendante:
           Harmonies du soir
           Wilde Jagd


Jozsef Balog – piano (Hungary)

15 Nov 2014
Tansman – Opening of the Exhibition
Venue: Museum of the City of Lodz, 6 p.m.

free entrance


In cooperation with: Museum of the City of Lodz.

Opening of a new interactive and multimedia permanent Exhibition devoted to Tansman's life and work, prepared in cooperation with the Museum of the City of Lodz: "Alexander Tansman - Composer's Technique and Workshop".

The layout of the exhibition was inspired by the pattern of a staff and depicts five categories. Time: just as metre in music, it introduces order. Polish identity: Tansman considered himself a Polish composer and, in his work, he was also drawing on Polish tradition. Cosmopolitan: he travelled to many countries, felt at home everywhere and, in music, he always sought universal values embodied by the world cultural heritage. Artist: music was the meaning of his life. Human being: above all, music conveys human emotions.

In consequence, the exhibition has become a metaphor of Tansman's long and fascinating life.

The application of modern multi-media technologies enables visitors, both adults and children, to assume a role of a conductor or a sound engineer, to familiarise themselves with the recording studio, etc. All the applications use the level system, so that, on the spot, the user can adjust the level of presented information to their own interests and expertise.


16 Nov 2014
Renessaince Pop & Barock Music
Venue: Museum of the City of Lodz, 7 p.m.

free entrance


Renaissance and Baroque songs, fantasias and dances performed by one of the most charismatic ensembles of early music, Laberintos Ingeniosos: Xavier Díaz-Latorre and Pedro Estevan. The duo performed at the most famous concert halls of all continents: e.g. Carnegie Hall (New York), Covent Garden (London), Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelona), Teatro Real (Madrid), Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires), Wiener Philarmonie, Konzerthaus Berlin.

The artists cooperate with the most renowned ensembles of early music: Hespèrion XXI, La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Le Concert des Nations, Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse, L’Orchestre du XVIIIe siècle, L’Orchestre Reine Sophie, Al Ayre Español, Le Chœur de Chambre Accentus, Orquesta Nacional de España, Concerto Vocale, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Concerto Köln, The Harp Consort.


G. Sanz - Instrucción de música para la guitarra española:
          Marionas por la B
          Pavana al ayre español, cinco partidas con mucha novedad
          Passeos por el cuarto tono, y una giga al vuelo por el mismo punto
          Xácara, diez y seis diferencias y algunas dellas con estilo de Campanelas
          Zarabanda española,
          Paradetas, improvisación

S. de Murcia - Códice Saldivar:
               Los ymposibles

F. Guerau - Poema harmónico:
            Mari Zápalos


Laberintos Ingeniosos (Spain):

Xavier Díaz-Latorre – baroque guitar, lute, teorbo

Pedro Estevan – percussion instruments

18 Nov 2014
Tansman's World Tour
Venue: Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki, 6 p.m.

free entrance


Launch of a new book about Tansman Around the World in 89 Years: Alexander Tansman at the Sources of Culture and Identity and presentation of the film Alexander Tansman's World Tour.

Instead of being another biography or a musicological study, this original book attempts at encapsulating the phenomenon of Tansman's life, work and thought, and the reception of his work, inviting the reader to discover unknown facts and the life of other prominent artists of the 20th-century culture. The book was nominated for the Halecki Award and entered the final ten of the History Book of the Year competition.

The film Alexander Tansman's World Tour, realized in 1985, is a unique documentary record of a conversation with Tansman about his life and travels. It is an unusual occasion to meet the great composer – frank, cordial and serene – who, instead of focusing on his own achievements, talks about his friends, relatives, and great personalities he met and befriended throughout his exceptionally versatile and creative life.


21 Nov 2014
Tansman of the Cinema (1) – Paris Underground
Venue: Cinema of Lodz Film School, 6 p.m.

free entrance


In cooperation with the British Film Institute.

The project continues the series of film premieres initiated during the last (9th) Tansman Festival.

It is a unique presentation of the Hollywood filmography of Alexander Tansman, whose fame in Hollywood was skyrocketing at the time of the conception of the Oscar - Film Academy Award. He was the first Polish artist nominated for the Academy Award in the Best Original Score category for his soundtrack for "Paris Underground" (1945). Tansman was exalted by the luminaries of the American music world, who argued that he "became a musical plenipotentiary of Poland in the Western World".

Bernard Herrmann regarded "the works of Copland, Tansman and Toch as Hollywood's greatest achievements in the domain of film music".

"Paris Underground" was directed by Gregory Ratoff, starring Constance Bennett and Gracie Fields. During the Second World War, two women on their escape from Paris decide to rescue a wounded RAF pilot. Premiered in Poland at the last Tansman Festival, the film will be screened again.

Projected from the original 35 mm film stock with the voice-over translation live.


22 Nov 2014
Tansman of the Cinema (2) – Sister Kenny
Venue: Cinema of Lodz Film School, 6 p.m.

free entrance


In cooperation with the British Film Institute.

Polish premiere: Sister Kenny (1946). Directed by Dudley Nichols. Music: Aleksander Tansman. Starring: Rosalind Russell, Alexander Knox, Dean Jagger.

The movie tells the story of Elisabeth Kenny (1880-1952), an Australian nurse who modernised medical approach to poliomyelitis, the disease still endemic in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sister Kenny was a precursor of physiotherapy.

Dudley Nichols, one of Tansman's friends, had already won the screenwriting Oscar for The Informer (1936). He came into prominence as the first Holywood artist to refuse the Oscar, in protest against film producers' attitude towards artists.

Projected from the original 35 mm film stock with the voice-over translation live.


23 Nov 2014
Final of the Festival – Opera Gala: Tansmania 2014
Venue: Lodz Philharmonic Concert Hall, 7 p.m.

free entrance: free passes


The only event of Lodz and the region highlighted in the prestigious ranking published by "Polityka" weekly: 10 major classical music HITS 2014

Polish premiere (broadcast: Polish Radio)


A. Tansman: opera L'Usignolo di Boboli; ballet suite Sextuor

The opera L'Usignolo di Boboli [The Nightingale of the Boboli Gardens] (1964) was inspired by Tansman's visit to the Giardino di Boboli in Florence. The story features a nightingale and its exquisite love song after dark. The mysterious bird turns out to be enchanted and forced to live among humans; only a girl's embrace can break the spell. The tension between established lifestyles and social norm on the one hand, and individual will and nature on the other, reflects the inner conflict of a human being. Libretto by Mario Labrocca.

Sextuor, written in 1923, was performed at the Metropolitan Opera and conducted by Tullio Serafin, Maria Callas' favourite conductor. The libretto by Alexandre Arnoux is based on his own story and abounds in feelings, confessions and dramatic avowals, featuring as protagonists... musical instruments.


Łukasz Borowicz – conductor (Poland)

Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra

The Warsaw Philharmonic Choir

Steven Scheschareg – baritone (USA)

Gernot Heinrich – tenor (Austria)

Małgorzata Olejniczak-Worobiej – soprano (Poland)